On March 4, 1876, Taylor County was established and named after William R. Taylor, Governor of Wisconsin at the time.

This act creating the county provided that Taylor County was to constitute one town to be known as the Town of Medford. The first election in the Town of Medford was to be held at the store owned by Roberts & Whelen, mill owners, on the first Tuesday in April, 1875.

The Town of Medford's population as of January 1, 2020 is 2,690 of which approximately 1,974 of the population are of voting age.

The Town of Medford's assessment valuation is 169,682,100 as of 8/10/2020.  The Town of Medford is located in north central Wisconsin in Taylor County.

The Town has approximately 72 miles of roads and maintains approximately 57.86 miles with Taylor County having approximately 14.15 miles in the town that they maintain. 

The Town board comprises of a Chairman, 2 Supervisors, a  Clerk & Treasurer.

  The town has one full-time highway department employee and one part-time employee.


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